The Top Nine Reasons Why Bloggers Abandon Their Blogs

I watched an old movie on TV last night. There was a scene where the main character was walking through a house that had obviously been closed up for some time. She walked carefully through the dusty rooms with their shrouded furniture, gently lifting up the white cloths that covered the pieces and peering underneath. Liking what she saw, she purchased the place and a few scenes later she was uncovering the furniture, opening the windows and breathing life back into her new home.

And so it is that I return to the scene of my blog, dusty and covered up these many months. I never expected that almost two years would elapse before I posted something, anything here, but as you can see that is exactly what happened. In my defense, I started jotting down a list of reasons why I hadn’t written and they were, well, rather lame reasons. But that could probably be said for a lot of excuses people come up with for why they quit their exercise routine, diet, class, marriage or whatever. Excuses are usually pretty flimsy.

For me, returning to full time work took away so much of my free time that I found it very difficult to sit down to write anything coherent after a long day on my feet. My days off seemed to fly by, and well… I should stop now. Like I just said, excuses ARE pretty flimsy.

So here are what I believe to be the top nine reasons why people abandon their blogs. Got any more?

1 Less free time for blogging – A new job, a new baby, going back to school – there are dozens of obligations and tasks that can be added to your list of time demands. If something is truly important, you make time for it. If you’re trying to finish your degree so you can get a better-paying job, then you’re going to want to devote as much time as possible to your studies. Writing about the latest hot video game, or finding innovative ways to decorate your home on a budget, while fun to do, end up slipping down a few spaces on the “must-do” list.

2. Accessibility issues – Connecting to the internet from home means you need an internet service provider.  Not all areas of the country enjoy perfect service; interruptions and speed can vary greatly. Maybe you moved and your service options aren’t as reliable as before. Sometimes your internet access becomes more restricted because the boss is watching how much time you’re on its. Or maybe you’re not able to give everyone in your family their own laptop, and so you have to share your computer with your spouse or kids.

3. Nothing more to say – It could be the hottest topic being discussed today, but if you believe you’ve said all you need to or want to, then it makes sense to just step away for the time being. You can always decide later to resurrect your blog with a different focus, or even start a new one.

4. Illness – Sometimes, you’re just too sick or upset to write.

5. Afraid of commentary – Sharing your thoughts and opinions with the world via a blog can be a lot of fun; as your blog grows in popularity, you can expect comments to come in from a wide variety of readers. However, there are jerks out there who just love to post derogatory or annoying comments. Maybe you took a strong view about a currently hot political topic. If going to your blog has become an unpleasant chore, then it’s understandable why you wouldn’t want to post any more.

6. Blog no longer relevant – Perhaps you were writing a diary about your travels in another state or country. Maybe you were blogging about your journey through a particular period in your life, such as the arrival of your first or latest child, or how you’re coping with caring for aged parents, or your own battle with cancer. Perhaps you have been a successful “mommy blogger” whose children are now grown. Once the main purpose for the blog is no longer relevant, sometimes the best thing to do is just retire it.

7. Company went out of business – This is another fairly obvious and common reason for blog death. When the company is gone, there’s nothing left to promote or blog about.

8. Expense issues – There are some costs to maintaining your own blog: you have to host the blog on a server someplace; there are charges for software, virus protection and various other optional services; you may even have to purchase new hardware to replace outdated or stolen hardware. Plus, there’s the ongoing cost for internet service. When times get tough, the expenses for a fun time blog that doesn’t contribute much (or anything) to the family income often wind up on the chopping block.

9. Boredom – There’s no question that blogging has become very hot; just about anyone can have a blog and start a conversation with the world. Maybe you jumped into the fray and have discovered that it’s just not you – you’re no longer motivated to keep posting.

My own reasons are a combination of several of these. But in the end, it doesn’t really matter why you stopped blogging. What only matter is, if you want to do it again, DO IT!

So here I am again. I’ve got things I want to say, so stay tuned!