Ghost Writers in the Sky

I’m a ghost-writer!

I’ve been writing articles for Stone Temple Consulting for the past month now.  Imagine – doing something I love (writing) and getting paid for it! Amazing. Of course I can’t link to those articles from this website, nor can I tell you what articles they are. Such are the rules of ghost-writing. It’s still interesting to be a part of it. Companies that don’t have content writers on staff can hire firms like Stone Temple to look around the web and see what blogs might want to feature an article about their company, and then have the article written for them. In one example, I wrote a travel-related article for a company that rents recreational vehicles nationwide, and the article was posted on a large city’s promotional website.

It’s a win for everyone – the RV company gets promotion, the destination gets talked about and I get to exercise my writing muscles AND get paid!

I’ve also been writing a host of interior decorating and design articles for other websites. Even though my name is no where to be found, it’s still a thrill when I find something I wrote right out there in cyberspace! 🙂

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