Welcome to my website!

Welcome to the Vintage Word!

Today is Tues-, no wait – it’s WEDNESDAY December 28th. I’ve been at this all day and now it’s 5 minutes past midnight. I am excited to finally go live with my own personal website. Writing a blog on blogspot was fun, but I always wanted to have my very own site and so now – here it is!

As I said in my About Me page, this website is my way of sharing all of the thoughts, ideas and stories that are rattling around in my head. You’ll find articles on cats, interior design, observations on what it’s like to live in one of the most desirable places in the country and much more. Plus you’ll meet a whole array of characters who have up to now existed only in my imagination.

It is my profound wish that reading something here stimulates your own thinking, or at least puts a smile on your face.


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